Get The Most Out of Your Mask™

Why MaskMate™?

MaskMate™ is a mask fitter designed to be worn over your face mask to improve its fit and comfort while reducing the gaps between a mask and your face.  

MaskMate™ improves the fit of your mask by preventing air from leaking around the edges of the mask.  Great for additional protection when traveling, on airplanes, in the classroom, and in crowded areas.

Face masks are key to preventing the spread of Covid 19. For a face mask to provide protection, you need 2 things:

  1. High quality filtration.
  2. A great seal.

The CDC now recommends the use of a mask fitter or brace like MaskMate™.  Click here for more information.

According to the CDC, a mask fitter like MaskMate™ can be worn over your medical mask “to improve the fit.”

Not all face masks are the same. We recommend starting with a mask that provides a high level of filtration.  We offer ASTM Level 1 face masks (95% filtration) as well as ASTM Level 3 face masks (98% filtration). MaskMate™ is then worn over your ASTM-rated mask to improve its fit.

MaskMate™ is reusable.   Each MaskMate™ comes with an elastic band and backup that can be easily laundered in a washing machine.

MaskMate™ reduces fogging for those that wear glasses

We encourage you to pick up a MaskMate™ and Get the Most Out of Your Mask.™


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