Revenue Cycle Management and Business Analytics

Safe-T-Net™ is a business analytics solution for health systems that improves revenue cycle management while also providing in-depth analytical performance data.  Safe-T-Net™ is designed to identify and recover billing opportunities that EHRs and billing systems are incapable of capturing on their own.

Revenue Cycle Management

Improving revenue cycle management is a challenge for any health system, with hospital revenue cycles losing an average of $22 million annually to missed revenue capture.  Safe-T-Net™ has proprietary algorithms that are designed to effectively capture otherwise missed billing and revenue opportunities.

  • Safe-T-Net™ is HIPAA compliant and works with all existing EHRs and billing systems.
  • Safe-T-Net™ does not require access to your IT infrastructure to enhance your billing system.  
  • Safe-T-Net™ simply needs access to a select set of data files which can be accessed through a variety of HIPAA secure ways.

Performance Data Reporting

Every health system is shifting to value-based health care with an emphasis on population health.  Safe-T-Net™ features performance data reporting which helps prepare for this transition by allowing you to more effectively track and manage your health system.

Safe-T-Net™ provides real-time visibility into charges, receipts and work RVUs by provider, CPT code or clinic/OR.   Safe-T-Net™ also ensures your providers are meeting their compliance mandates by identifying outliers in levels of compliance.

Safe-T-Net™ helps improve clinical efficiency by providing timely, actionable performance and analytical data.

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