Medical Positioning Devices

Welcome to NinoMed, your trusted partner in providing cutting-edge medical positioning devices for the ever-changing healthcare landscape. As advancements in surgical techniques continue to revolutionize patient care, doctors face the daunting task of staying abreast of the latest developments. We understand the challenges they encounter in achieving precise and efficient positioning during complex procedures, and we’re here to alleviate those pain points with our innovative solutions.

Patient Positioners With a Purpose

Our Safe-T-Secure® Trendelenburg patient positioner for laparoscopic and robotic surgeries is meticulously engineered to enhance patient safety and optimize surgical outcomes. Our foam positioning devices offer the versatility and reliability that doctors rely on for successful procedures. Medical professionals experience peace of mind knowing they are introducing innovative surgical solutions consistent with AORN Patient Positioning Guidelines. NinoMed’s positioners serve to improve OR setup, efficiency, patient comfort, and safety while reducing costs.

Efficient and Safe Positioning Devices from NinoMed

Trust NinoMed to provide you with the cutting-edge tools and expertise to excel in the dynamic field of modern surgery. Explore our complete selection of medical positioning devices at NinoMed and discover positioning devices and accessories that will elevate your surgical capabilities and maximize patient safety. Whether you require advanced patient positioners or precision-engineered foam positioners, we have the solutions you need. Browse our website to shop our extensive catalog. Gain access to a wealth of valuable resources, including instructional videos and best practice guides.

Safe-T-Secure® Trendelenburg Positioner

Safe-T-Secure® provides a complete positioning solution for all laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. Safe-T-Secure® is designed to reduce prep time by positioning a patient in less than 1 minute, while safely securing the patient during Trendelenburg positioning.

Pluma-Soft® Patient Foam Positioners


Head-to-toe coverage that takes the guesswork out of pressure ulcer prevention.  Don’t try and predict where a pressure ulcer may form by placing a variety of foam dressings over the potential at-risk area. Skip the guesswork and easily address difficult areas (such as the back of the head) by using Pluma-Soft®, a simple one-step solution to cover the patient ‘Head-to-Toe’.