Simple – Efficient – Effective … and Flexible

A flexible and complete positioning solution for both cases in Trendelenburg and cardiothoracic surgery

STS-Flex™ is designed to:

    • Easily position a patient on any surgical table.
    • Secure a patient in a wide variety of surgeries with its flexible and adjustable safety strap.
    • Reduce the risk of pressure ulcer formation by maximizing pressure redistribution.
    • Reduce hospital acquired infections with its integrated perineal infectious barrier sheet.
    • Keep the OR table clean and reduce turnover time with protective perineal barrier.
    • Protect a patient’s arms and hands with integrated foam wings that extend below the OR table


• Maximum flexibility
• Efficient and safe arm tucking
• Use in a wide variety of surgeries
• Pressure relief
• Cardiothoracic and abdominal surgery with its flexible body strap


UNIQUE WELL-DESIGNED CUSTOM SHAPE: Designed by a laparoscopic and robotic surgeon to maximize efficiency and minimize setup time and effort.

FLEXIBLE Body STRAP: Everything you love about Safe-T-Secure® plus a flexible body strap. The adjustable padded body strap allows for STS-Flex to be used in a wide variety of surgeries including cardiothoracic, gynecology, urology, colorectal and general surgery.

SINGLE PATIENT USE WITH UNIQUE INTEGRATED INFECTION BARRIER: Single use proprietary foam and impermeable perineal barrier designed to eliminate direct patient skin contact with OR table decreasing the risk of potential contamination.

EGG CRATE FOAM DESIGN: Allows IV tubing and monitor wires to be tucked within the foam “valleys”.

EASY AND EFFICIENT SETUP: Integrated design includes all the foam, Velcro, and sheets necessary to secure a patient to the operating table. No need for arm boards.



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