Pluma-Soft®: Pressure Redistribution Solution

Pluma-Soft® is a pressure redistribution system designed to redistribute pressure evenly to prevent pressure ulcer formation.  By providing head-to-toe coverage, it takes the guesswork out of pressure ulcer prevention.  Don’t try and predict where a pressure ulcer may form by placing a variety of foam dressings over the potential area.  Skip the guesswork and easily address difficult areas (such as the back of the head), by using Pluma-Soft®, a simple one-step solution to cover ‘Head-to-Toe’.

Pluma-Soft® is designed to:

  • Redistribute pressure from head-to-toe, minimizing the risk of pressure ulcer formation.
  • Easily attaches to the OR table with velcro to avoid the need for tape that leaves a sticky residue.
  • Effective for supine, prone and lithotomy positions.
  • Can be used in mild to moderate Trendelenburg with arms untucked.
  • Keep OR table clean and reduce turnover time with clear plastic sheet that covers the entire OR table.

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Product Code: PS1NMED1

  • Vacuum Sealed
  • Efficient Storage
  • Ships 5 Per Case

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